Learn How to Save Money with a Student Driver’s Course Discount

When the time comes for you to get auto insurance for your teenager or college student, having good grades can help with the cost. You will pay quite a bit less on your new driver’s insurance with a Good Student Discount. You probably have questions about how it works, how much you can save and what is required to get this auto insurance discount. The basics are about the same in every state, however, there may be other special requirements for specific states you will need beyond the facts stated in here. The Good Student Discount applies to drivers from 16 to 25 that are still in high school or college.

Some insurance companies offer the Good Student Discount as well as another discount for taking driver’s education or any other driving course. How much you will save on your insurance for your new driver depends upon the insurance provider and that state where you live. The average discount for good students is about a 15% savings on the regular cost of young driver auto insurance. This comes to about $125 (give or take) a year. Who qualifies for a Good Student Discount?

* Drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 (as mentioned above)
* Full time student
* Grade point average of 3.0 (B) or
* Honor roll or Dean’s List status (or other scholastic achievement status) or
* Top 20% of their class or
* Top 20% on standardized tests

These are the basics for the Good Student Discount and may vary somewhat from state to state. When you are getting your insurance quote for your student driver, you will not have to show proof of any of the above criteria, but you will need to show official documented proof after you have purchased your auto insurance. It is vital that you be honest when you are adding your student driver to your insurance. Remember when choosing your auto insurance provider, that not all offer the Good Student Discount. If your current insurance provider does not off any kind of discount for student’s grades or safe driving courses, you may want to consider switching auto insurance providers in order to save money.

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